Who we are

NLAE leverages creative technologies, education and entertainment to create world-class multi-purpose digital arenas. Born out of parent-company Chiltern Management Group (CMG) and based on years of experience in the infrastructure and entertainment sectors, NLAE is reimagining the future of venues.



& esports

Video gaming is the largest entertainment sector in the world. It is bigger than music, TV, and film combined with global revenues of $178bn. There are gamers of all ages with 25-40 year olds reporting they game more than participating in any other form of leisure activity.

Esports is simply competitive gaming and has taken the world by storm in recent years. Global esports revenues were US$1.1bn in 2020, with a global audience of 495 million. Global revenues are projected to reach US$1.5bn by 2023.

The popularity of esports is not exclusively amongst the youngest generations. Around 36% of gamers worldwide are between the ages of 26-40 and 67% of e-sport spenders have a full-time job.
Global esports revenues in 2020
Global audience
Projected global revenues by 2023
There is an opportunity to harness the ever-increasing popularity of esports and the wider digital world, to create digital arenas which will integrate the best of esports, gaming technology and hospitality and propel us into a new digital age.
Meet the Board
Chris Turner
CEO, Commercial & Education Partnerships
Internationally recognised deal maker and development economist with over 40 years’ experience in project creation and promotion across many sectors, both in the UK and throughout the world, including whilst with the World Bank.
Luc Delany
COO & Creative Technology Director
Has spent nearly 20 years working around the globe with the world’s leading technology and gaming companies as a strategic advisor, both in-house and through the agency he founded in 2013.
Ivan Dunleavy
Investment Portfolio Director
With a 40 year career in the film , television and music sectors, within both public and private companies internationally, his current interests now also include TV production, film studios, and green energy for film makers.
Lord Michael Grade
Live Entertainment
Has had a long distinguished career in broadcasting and films, and together with his other commercial activities, serves in the House of Lords. As a Board member, Michael provides strategic advice to the NLAE team.
Michael Spencer QC
Regulatory Affairs
Is an eminent QC formerly specialising in the fields of Consumer Negligence and Healthcare and Consumer & Product Liability. As a Board member, Michael provides senior counsel to the NLAE team.
Gary Fielding
Green Energy
Following an extensive career in the construction industry, Gary is Chairman of Vital Energi, one of the UK’s leading independent renewable energy companies. Vital Energi will provide the energy for NLAE’s projects.
Our partners
Dell Corporation
Digital infrastructure
Vital Energi
Low/zero carbon energy delivery
Confetti/NTU, Nottingham
Creative technology
ASM Global
Arena design and operating partnership